The Heritage, History, and Tradition of Entice: A Brand by KGK Group

Does a seed know that it will be a full-grown tree one day and that its branches will spread out in all directions?

Maybe it knows, or maybe it does not. But, one thing that we know is that every seed has the potential to grow into a tree one day.

We call it ‘inheritance.’

‘Without inheritance, Rose would not know it must be red, food would not be so tasty, Man would not have his rational, and nature would lose her nature itself.’

At a more human level, it’s like creating a product that has all the features of its predecessor, yet it has a refreshingly new appeal in the way it looks, functions, and feels.

This is exactly what was in our mind when we launched Entice, KGK Groups’ fine jewelry line. Every piece from the Entice brand holds strongly to the KGK Groups’ century-old heritage, history, and tradition.

Entice: A Union of Authenticity, Uniqueness and Lifetime Value

The Entice offers 8 unique collections, and each collection carries KGKs signature authenticity, design, and impeccable attention to detail.

  • 100% authenticity in sourcing
  • State of the art cutting and polishing
  • Indubitable craftsmanship

Hand-Picked and Hand-Crafted: Uniquely Classy’ Irresistibly Desirable

It requires craftsmanship of the highest standards to etch beauty into stone. Especially, for fine jewelry where technology has its limits, rendering it an irresistible appeal requires excellence across every facet of jewelry making, from source to setting.

And right from the start of our century-old journey, the focus has been on achieving excellence across every aspect of jewelry manufacturing.

  • Every stone that reaches our manufacturing facility is sourced from the world’s richest and most in-demand reserves and hand-picked by specialists with a proven track record.
  • Once the unpolished stones have passed all levels of quality check, they are cut and polished using the latest technology across our 15 manufacturing facilities spread across the globe.
  • Last but not least, KGK is home to some of the world’s most experienced and ardent jewelry artisans. It is their hands that give every diamond its mesmerizing shine and every piece of jewelry uneasy desirability with lifetime value.

Why Entice?

Entice is more than just any other unique and innovative collection of fine jewelry. It’s a eulogy to mother earth, its precious stones, and the human tenacity that has for millennia transformed these stones into irresistible pieces of beauty.

When you are buying anything from any Entice collection, you are buying more than just a fine piece of highest quality jewelry. Every collection at Entice inherits at its core:

  • Our inspirations to explore uniqueness,
  • Our passion and quest for timeless beauty, and
  • Our desire to be the best

Since the foundation, every gemstone, diamond, and jewelry that we have offered to the world has been a step towards creating the most melodious odes to jewelry design and craftsmanship. Entice is uniquely classy’ irresistibly desirable, and indubitably authentic. With Entice beauty meets art in its most exquisite display, it will tempt you, bemuse you, and leave you with the desire to want one of for yourself. Want to experience it? Please visit our store in Hong Kong today.