Our Reverie collection showcases one of the original diamond cuts of heirloom and antique jewellery. Ethereal and romantic, rose cut diamonds lend a certain mysticism and allure to their lustre. Baring resemblance to delicate rose petals and showcasing a lustre akin to glistening rain drops, rose cut diamonds inspire awe and fascination. From floral motifs to a cascading waterfall, the supple designs of this collection are organic yet elegant. This pristine collection is composed of white and yellow rose cut diamonds intertwined with white, yellow or pink gold. The fluidity in design showcasing beautiful rose cut diamonds is unique to the Entice brand and a mark of effortless grace.

Code – H03414_NL_HKN_003489

Code – H04438_NL_HKN_004882

Code – H03415_ER_HKN_003490

Code – H03781_ER_HKN_003989

Code – H04439_ER_HKN_004883

Code – H07808_ER_HKN_008765

Code – H08028_ER_HKN_009011

Code – H03984_RG_HKN_005510

Code – H04440_RG_HKN_004884

Code – H04479_RG_HKN_007277

Code – H05395_PD_HKN_006552

Code – H05445_PD_HKN_006172

Code – H03905_BR_HKN_004160

Code –H05492_BR_HKN_006225

Code – H06862_BR_HKN_009062

Code – H08030_BL_HKN_009017