Our Brand, Entice

Driven by an innate passion for jewelry, KGK Group’s creative director, Mrs. Manju Kothari, put the cogwheels in motion for the creation of the fine jewelry brand, Entice, in 2004. Honoring the heritage of diamonds and the legacy of KGK, she introduced the fine jewelry brand. A brand that is chic yet timeless, elegant yet bold and contemporary yet traditional.

With love and care,
our jewelry will stay a lifetime!

Boutique Showroom

The Boutique Showroom of Entice showcases some of the finest pieces of diamond jewelry in Hong Kong. Enter the luxurious showroom and witness a spectrum of colors and a repertoire of dazzling minerals in styles that make a statement. Our dedicated service will ensure you an enchanting experience. Our jewelry is as Unique as You!

KGK Group is a family-owned global business in the field of Gemstone and Diamond manufacturing, since 1905. With roots in India and reach across the globe, KGK Group is currently headquartered in Hong Kong.

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