Navratnas – 9 Planetary Gemstones

The word ‘Navratna’ originates from the Sanskrit words ‘Nava (nine) and ‘Ratnas’ (gems). In our Indian culture, these nine gems are strongly believed to hold special powers and represent the ‘Navagrahas’ or the nine celestial gods. So, this blog will offer you a deeper insight into each of the nine gems.

  1. Ruby
    Ruby has a dominant red colour and is used as an exclusive piece of jewellery. Ruby is worn for auspicious results too that include physical strength, promotion in work, discipline in life, dedication, strength to fight a disease, etc.
  2. Pearl
    Pearl is creamish in colour and is largely worn as earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces. However, if you are wearing pearls for astrological reasons then it will bestow you with peace, confidence, courage and calmness.
  3. Red Coral
    Red Coral is a resultant product of the dead corals. Though the original gemstones do not have the shine, it is only attained after a good polish. When you wear a red coral as a ring, it will help you overcome your enemies and adversaries, give you strength to overcome obstacles and ensure victory in all your endeavours.
  4. Emerald
    Emerald has a distinct green colour that ranges between bluish-green and slightly yellowish-green shades. There are several precious and semi-precious emeralds available. A big piece of emerald can be worn as pendants and lovely rings, and would shower you with financial growth, improved physical health, etc.
  5. Yellow Sapphire
    The best grade yellow sapphire has a medium, vibrant and canary yellow colour. This precious gemstone is used for traditional and modern jewellery, which are in high demand. For those who believe in its celestial powers, will be happy to know that it has the power to heal ailments, provides mental peace, courage, etc.
  6. Diamond
    The most loved of all gemstones is the diamond. The purest of diamonds are transparent, have no bubbles and are free from any tints. Diamonds are largely sold for their usage in jewellery pieces and can range from less to extremely costly ones. Wearing diamonds will attract wealth, boost confidence, add positivity and more.
  7. Blue Sapphire
    Another piece of beauty is a blue sapphire that varies in colour depending on which angle it is viewed from. A blue sapphire will bless you with fame, fortune and money.
  8. Hessonite
    Hessonite is more popularly known as ‘gomeda’ and has a distinct reddish-brown colour. It is mainly worn on a ring or as a pendant, in both cases, it must touch your body because it has a calming effect.
  9. Cat’s Eye
    The stone bears a yellow, yellow-brown or greenish-yellow colour and is worn majorly in rings. It is rare and expensive. A cat’s eye is worn to cure loss of appetite and for physical healing.

In ancient times these navratnas were only worn by the royalty but with time commoners too came to possess and wear them. The results of wearing these gems are astrologically proven. However, these navratnas are also customised and embedded in jewellery that look traditional and beautiful. KGK Group, one of the top diamond jewellery manufacturers deal in precious gemstones. Get in touch with us today and get the most unique and best quality gemstones.