A collection of enduring and classic designs infused with contemporary ideas to create timeless jewels. Using the finest quality white diamonds, this collection has a balance of larger, ornate sets to minimal, delicate jewellery. The sparkle and seamless fire of light exhibited by our brilliant white diamonds meticulously set in 18k white gold creates the epitome of timeless luxury.

Code – H08267_NL_HKN_009306

Code – H08676_NL_HKN_009805

Code – H06208_ER_HKN_006766

Code – H08268_ER_HKN_009307

Code – H08677_ER_HKN_009806

Code – H08695_ER_HKN_010172

Code – H08212_RG_HKN_009216

Code – H08222_RG_HKN_009244

Code – H08269_RG_HKN_009308

Code – H08678_RG_HKN_009807

Code – H07577_PD_HKN_008494

Code – H01330_BL_HKN_002108

Code – H01412-HKN-262

Code – H07344_BR_HKN_008226

Code – H09158_BR_HKR_001754