The soft glow of the moonlight and the radiance of the sun is what inspires the warmth and beauty of our Luminous collection. Mesmerising and rare, the fancy yellow diamond is iconic and the focal point of the designs in this collection. Accentuated with brilliant white diamonds, the various cuts of fancy yellow diamonds emit a warm glow and is pure in the depth of its soft golden colour.

Code – H06446_NL_HKN_006987

Code –H05158_NL_HKN_005800

Code – H05159_ER_HKN_005801

Code – H06447_ER_HKN_006988

Code – H07373_ER_HKN_008260

Code – H07471_ER_HKN_008375

Code – H05160_RG_HKN_006523

Code – H06448_RG_HKN_006989

Code – H07517_RG_HKN_008425

Code – H05155_PD_HKN_005797

Code – H06266_PD_HKN_006807

Code – H04790_BL_HKP_001061

Code – H05246_BR_HKN_005901

Code – H06039_BL_HKR_001327