Nature and the colourful representations of its elements is the source of inspiration for our Hues collection. From the vibrancy of blossoming flowers to the shimmering stream of a lake, this collection symbolises the incomparable beauty and authenticity of nature. Showcasing exquisite sapphires, rubies, rubellite, emeralds and trails of diamonds all of which bring depth and naturalism to the collection.

Code – H08235_NL_HKN_009273

Code – H08271_NL_HKN_009309

Code – H08272_ER_HKN_009310

Code – H08236_ER_HKN_009274

Code – H07331_ER_HKN_008217

Code – H08350_RG_HKN_009411

Code – H08273_RG_HKN_009311

Code – H08237_RG_HKN_009275

Code – H08722_RG_HKN_009859

Code – H04236_PD_HKN_004592

Code – H03586_PD_HKN_003707

Code – H06527_BR_HKN_007107

Code – H05447_BR_HKN_006713

Code – H05000_BL_HKN_005612

Code – H04260_BL_HKN_004636