How Rose Gold Is The New Symbol Of Youth And Femininity

Gold has always been associated with a number of things, most importantly, luxury. A precious metal, Gold is also usually recognized by its distinct yellow hue, which makes it a widely popular metal in the jewelry and fashion industry. Throughout the years, Gold has seen a great amount of research going into creating perfection with the metal. While this means creating different alloys of the metal, it also has come to mean producing different colors of Gold to accentuate various feelings.

One such amazing metal alloy of Gold is a subtle pinkish version of it- Rose Gold. Made by alloying Gold with copper and silver, rose Gold has been around for more than a century but has only found its fame in the world in the past decade. The real question is, what makes rose gold so attractive to people? Well, Rose Gold is specifically related to the spirit of youth and femininity, which is why it gained on the popularity bandwagon so quickly.

The spirit of Youth

The pale pink brings a breath of fresh air into the grace of a piece of jewelry. As compared to the regular yellow or white Gold, the pink in the rose gold brings a better contrast to the piece. The bold statement of rose gold can be combined with either yellow or with white Gold to bring out a unique combination. The kind of style statement that rose Gold can make is something that often attracts the eyes of the young people who wish to align their jewelry with their own selves.

The Spirit of Femininity

As stereotypical as it may sound, pink is a color that is often associated with femininity. It is no wonder then, that rose Gold often catches the eye of the women who absolutely wish to own up to their femininity. Rose gold is often preferred by women as it gives them the beauty of unique jewelry while still carrying an enhanced subtlety. It forms a great part of everyday jewelry while still having the grace of becoming a striking piece for special occasions.

The Spirit of Unity

The best and the most important feature of Rose Gold is that it was designed to complement every skin tone. In the current world where the boundaries of differences between different segments were slowly getting abolished, Rose Gold was introduced to the world as something promising. It was brought to the world as a metal that goes for almost everyone, irrespective of who you are.

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