Jaipur, India has been the center of diamond processing, cutting and polishing for centuries.

Beginning from the early 19th century, we started trading gemstones throughout Jaipur and Rangoon, Burma. Starting humbly, KGK Group is now an international name with a presence in the diamond, colored gemstone, and jewelry market across 15 countries. Be it sourcing rough gemstones, cutting, polishing, setting or distributing to the world, KGK group is involved in every step of the way. In the pursuit of superior outcomes, KGK established its presence from mines to brand, ensuring complete authenticity.

Love for beautiful and rare diamonds and gemstones soon evolved into an undeterred passion for creating artistic and innovatively crafted jewelry. Driven by rich traditions and values, KGK group encapsulated the magical and mysterious world of colored gemstone and diamonds in their creations. Honouring the heritage and the legacy of the gemstones and diamond, KGK diversified and extended its global reach. KGK’s entrepreneurial ethos ensured that the brand continues to be associated with the most exquisite and precious jewels in the world.