Getting the Best Buy On Your Diamond Engagement Ring

Buying a diamond engagement ring is an emotional feeling. Popping up that beautiful question with a mesmerizing diamond ring is an event to cherish. The diamond engagement rings captivated lovers’ attention for centuries symbolizing love, commitment, and marriage. Most couples prefer a diamond ring because it represents eternity and everlasting love.

Diamonds are expensive, as they are the rarest gemstones and have been around for over a billion years. It is the best option to express your love to your beloved as it also represents purity, heavenly power, celebration, and brightness. The most popular center stone is diamond at 86%, followed by other precious gemstones.

However, getting the best buy on your diamond engagement ring is the most challenging thing, as you have so many options out there to explore. It is one of the biggest purchases you will make, accompanied by a significant amount. You want your diamond engagement ring to be the best to bedazzle your love of life. Worry not! Because we are here to give you some ultimate tips that can make your diamond ring selection a smooth process.

Your Ultimate Guide to Buy Diamond Engagement Rings

Many factors contribute to the price of the diamond ring. Considering all those factors, you can save money and have the best buy on your diamond engagement ring that your partner will love. Let’s now dive deep into the tips on buying that perfect engagement ring that will brighten your love life with its sparkle.

Consider the 4Cs (Carat, Cut, Colour, and Clarity)

The first and foremost thing one should consider before buying diamond engagement rings are the 4Cs, which represent carat, cut, colour, and clarity. These 4Cs are the global standards for assessing the quality of diamonds.


The cut of the diamond plays a vital role in choosing the best engagement rings. The most preferred shape in the diamond engagement rings is the round-cut diamond. The round-cut diamonds shape maximizes the fire of the diamond. A well-cut diamond reflects the light better no matter the diamond’s size. On the other hand, a diamond lacking proper cut loses its beauty and looks dull. Round brilliant-cut diamonds look fantastic and are great as solitaires.

However, other shapes are other than round brilliant cut diamonds, known as fancy shapes such as princess, radiant, oval, heart, cushion, marquise, emerald, and pear-shaped. Although these diamond cuts are less expensive than round brilliant cut diamonds, they can be the best buy because of their scintillating beauty.

  • Round Brilliant Cut – The round brilliant cut diamonds are exquisite, timeless, and the most brilliant cut due to their perfect symmetrical nature. And they sparkle the most because of 58 facets that reflect light beautifully. Approximately 75% of all diamonds sold are round cut, and 60% of engagement rings are round cut diamonds. The round-cut diamonds are also easy to pair with other gemstones to enhance their beauty.
  • Radiant Cut – Radiant cut diamonds are most popular next to round cut diamonds because of their brilliance. They are interestingly cut with grouped facets near the deep edges and give them excellent sparkle.
  • Emerald-Cut – The technique for emeralds was adapted for diamonds, so it derived its name from it. It has a rectangular step cut with cropped corners. Although most emerald cuts are rectangular, one can also find square variations known as square emerald cuts. The sparkle of these diamonds is somewhat less than other cuts. The emerald-cut diamonds are cut to show light flashes, not sparkling.
  • Cushion-Cut – Cushion cut diamonds are square and have soft rounded edges. The significant facets increase the brilliance of the diamond, and they have a subtle sparkle.
  • Pear Shaped Cut – The pear-shaped diamond is also known as a teardrop. This cut has a sharp edge, and it looks more extensive than its size. One could see the shine in the middle section.
  • Marquise-Cut – This cut has pointed ends at both ends and looks similar to a grain. It looks more significant in size and makes the finger of the wearer look elongated. It has a brilliant sparkle; however, it should be well-cut.
  • Oval-Cut – The oval cut diamonds have a similar shape and many facets as a round cut diamond. Its fire and brilliance are identical to the round cut; however, it looks larger than other diamonds of the same carat.
  • Heart-Shaped Cut – Heart-shaped diamond engagement ring will be an ultimate symbol of eternal love. If you are willing to buy this cut opt for carat in weight to make it come alive and look beautiful.
  • Princess-Cut – It is one of the most popular engagement rings. It has a rectangular or square side. Princess cut diamonds are modern and fanciful and have excellent brilliance.

Carat Weight

Diamond carat weight is the weight of the diamond. The price of the diamond increases with the diamond carat weight because the larger diamonds are the rarest and more in demand. However, when comparing the price of two diamonds of equal carat weight, they can cost you differently depending on other factors such as color, clarity, and size. According to GIA, diamonds have magic sizes like a half-carat, three-quarter carat, and carat.


The colour of the diamonds is essential. Most of the diamonds used for engagement rings are colourless. Diamonds come with the hints of yellow or brown; however, the more colourless a diamond is, the rarest it is, and they are pretty expensive. GIA’s colour-grading scale for diamonds begins with the letter D (colourless) and goes on with the increasing presence of colour till the letter Z. The D diamonds are the most colourless. Still, you can also opt for E and F colour diamonds that are similar to D. For the best value, you can also choose near colourless (G H I J).


Diamond clarity is the visual appearance of a diamond. The clarity grade of a diamond will be determined by the fewer inclusions and blemishes. The GIA Diamond clarity scale ranges from I (meaning included) to FL (flawless). All the diamonds fall in the category VS (very slightly included) or SI (slightly included). The most popular clarity grade for engagement rings is VS2 or SI1. VS2 clarity inclusions are always clean to the naked eye. However, the highest clarity grade for a diamond is FL (flawless).

If you opt for round cut diamonds go for clarity grade VS2 or SI1, for emerald cut opt for clarity grade VS2. If you go for cushion cut, oval cut, radiant cut, marquise cut or pear-shaped cut you can choose SI1 to SI2 clarity grade as these shapes are excellent in hiding inclusions. If you are low on your budget but want the best, these diamond cuts and clarity grades are great to select. For heart-shaped diamond cuts, you can choose VS2 or SI1 clarity grade.

Ring Setting

Choosing the engagement ring setting is crucial. It plays a huge role in determining the ring’s look and also setting as per the type of diamond. Some styles of settings are simple, classic, and elegant, while a few are eye-catchy and decorative such as pave or halo. Some of the popular diamond engagement ring settings are:
prong settings (most classic ring setting, elevates the diamond making it more noticeable). Tiffany setting (plain band setting, it is great for light reflection and brilliance). Bezel Setting (it has a modern look and is great for an active lifestyle, it secures the diamond perfectly). Halo setting ( diamonds or other gemstones are placed around the center diamond in a halo setting, often paired with pave bands, which is great if your center diamond is smaller).

Choose the Metal

Depending on your choice you can choose the metal for your diamond engagement rings. Platinum is elegant, extremely durable, and corrosion-resistant. Gold is lured for its colour and luster and has been loved since time immemorial. Rose gold is more durable than yellow gold and rose gold is nothing but gold alloyed with copper and silver. White gold is formed when pure gold is alloyed with metals like silver and palladium. It is the most preferred choice for engagement rings.


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