Entice By KGK

The KGK Difference

The beginning of the luxury jewelry brand, Entice, was written in gold by Mr. Sanjay Kothari, Vice Chairman of KGK Group, one of the world’s biggest diamond and gemstone conglomerates. Since its inception, the group has been consistent in its attentive expansion benefitting the industry as a whole. As a result of which it has achieved the vertically integrated standing of mines-to-brands in gems & jewellery industry covering the entire spectrum of mining, sourcing, manufacturing and distributing coloured stones, diamonds and jewellery. Headquartered at Hong Kong, KGK Group has a presence in almost every centre of commerce across the world. With over 12,000 dedicated, talented and hard-working personnel, the group is spread over 15 countries covering 4 continents.

The year 2004 saw the foundation of Entice being laid in the form of a flagship store in Hong Kong. Created under the guidance of KGK Group’s Creative Director Manju Kothari, Entice was envisioned to be a brand that upholds the group’s legacy of fine craftsmanship and innovation. Today, Entice marks its presence in selective stores in Hong Kong & India as a curator of sublime beauty, rarity and elegance.

Exceptional Stones

Direct from the Source

KGK is trusted to provide natural and ethically sourced diamonds, where every stone is certified and tracked from its origin to its destination. Rough diamonds are sourced from South African and Australian mines and from authentic organized markets of Antwerp, London. By offering what lies beneath the Earth’s crust in the most authentic way, KGK is committed to delivering value to its patrons.

Manufacturing Innovation

Each jewelry is handmade, one piece at
a time with precision, passion, and patience.

For uplifting and ensuring maximum quality and value, KGK Group relies on its talented and dedicated team to cut and polish their jewellery. The team works relentlessly to bring each piece to life. Representing femininity in its boldest form, our designs hold intricate yet exquisite detailing.