Emeralds are known worldwide for their brilliant colour and unique contrast that they add to a jewellery piece making it all the more alluring. The emerald collection by Entice drives a focus on the beautiful gemstone at the centre of every piece, enfolded by brilliant diamonds. The collection is a celebration of pear cut and emerald-cut gemstones encased into white and yellow gold, to create subtle, statement pieces attesting elegance and grace.

Code – H07058_NL_HKN_007828

Code – H08849_NL_HKN_009979

Code – H07059_ER_HKN_007829

Code – H08690_ER_HKN_009824

Code – H08041_ER_HKN_009022

Code – H07673_RG_HKN_008615

Code – H08851_RG_HKN_009981

Code – H09072_RG_HKR_001722

Code – H06890_PD_HKN_007569

Code – H06886_PD_HKN_007565

Code – H05631_PD_HKN_006398

Code – H06181_BR_HKN_006703

Code – H04140_BR_HKN_004465

Code – H03911_BL_HKN_004150

Code – H03290_BR_HKN_003317

Code – EC0023_BL_HEC_000024