The micro pavé technique conceptualized our Elan collection. The intricate lacings of micro-set diamonds frame and illuminate each individual jewel and further highlights the brilliance of the featured white diamonds. The collection has a range of structured and modern geometric shapes to ethereal and fluid floral designs. With minimal use of metal, this collection is appointed with subtle distinction that is unique to the Entice brand.

Code – H08289_NL_HKN_009335

Code – H08685_RG_HKN_009815

Code – H08290_ER_HKN_009336-A

Code – H08686_ER_HKN_009816

Code – H09161_ER_HKR_001758

Code – H09174_ER_HKR_001763

Code – H09003_RG_HKN_010164

Code –H09149_RG_HKR_001746

Code – H05601_BL_HKN_006383

Code – H05626_BL_HKN_006391

Code – H07468_BR_HKN_008368

Code – H09171_BR_HKR_001757