Design & Creation

Jewellery is an art and an elevated expression of the beauty in femininity. Each jewellery design at Entice is distinct in its creation yet maintains a timeless aesthetic. The subtle intricacy and bold radiance of each piece of jewellery is created with invaluable imagination from our highly talented design team. Our in-house designers have unparalleled expertise and love to work with customers to create their own personalised design aesthetic. With exceptional diamonds, an array of coloured gemstones and the technical innovation of our craftmanship, we inspire and cultivate creation.


Each jewel at Entice is hand-crafted with care and precision by master artisans. Our diamonds and coloured gemstones are meticulously hand-picked to ensure they meet the highest standards. Quality craftsmanship takes expertise skill and a great passion, this is a value for the Entice team. Our dedication to innovative craftsmanship and the quality of our diamonds and coloured gemstones ensures that each jewel is crafted with excellence.


At Entice, we recognise the importance of being a responsible corporate citizen. We set standards for excellence through our fully integrated business by our parent company and listed DTC Sightholder, KGK Group. With a unique chain of custody, we have direct oversight from sourcing to manufacturing. With a firm commitment to ethical sourcing and benefiting local communities, we believe that the well-being of people and the success of our business are fully integrated.

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